NAPS National Secretary Treasurer

Mary Burkhard has demonstrated for decades that she has the courage to unwaveringly stand up for what is right. Author of hundreds of position papers, articles, letters and resolutions to assist EAS and the USPS. Engaged for decades with legislative and USPS leadership in DC along with a lifetime of experience managing financial portfolios. Mary is ready to step in and help make our NAPS team in DC excel.

Over two decades of service and leadership for NAPS, Mary has become an expert on representation, having worked over 3,000 separate EAS cases

Articles Published in The Postal Supervisor by Mary Burkhard

Please visit the following link to view all the articles published in The Postal Supervisor by President Mary Burkhard. Thank you.




"Mary Burkhard has a lifelong history of professionally standing up for what is right."

"Let's restore NAPS and put it on the path to a brighter future for every member. Mary Burkhard has proven she gets results."

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